2003/05/28 :: giFToxic 0.0.9 :: by Tilman

I just released giFToxic 0.0.9 - it now features NLS support using gettext (currently spanish, german and dutch are supported), giFT daemon autostart mode and many GUI cleanups.
Download now!.
2003/05/25 :: Current status :: by Tilman

In the past months, giFToxic development slowed down due to a couple of reasons.
However, at the moment, it's developing at nice speed again. We have improved the UI (adapted it to the Gnome HIG standards - thanks to Mark Finlay!) and since today, there's even i18n support!
Expect a new release shortly.
2002/12/25 :: Another developer joins the crew :: by Tilman

Steven McDaniel, who had started another GTK2-based giFT client, has decided to work with us on giFToxic now - welcome aboard :)
2002/12/24 :: Release: giFToxic 0.0.5 :: by Tilman

Finally, there's a first release of giFToxic: get it right now!
2002/12/13 :: Development mailing list :: by Tilman

I created a development mailing list for giFToxic - so if you have questions about development of the client, want to participate or whatever, you know where to ask ;)
The adress is giftoxic-devel@lists.sourceforge.net.
2002/12/13 :: CVS fixed, new developer :: by Tilman

Since monday, giFToxic has another developer working on it: Franco Catrin L. Due to his work, CVS is working again - we now have human readable sizes in the treeviews and a working source search. We also think about releasing 0.1 soon.
2002/10/13 :: CVS is broken :: by Tilman

I guess you probably have noticed it yourself: the current code in CVS is quite broken. I'm currently fixing those, stats are already working again. Hopefully, I can fix the transfers, too, today.
2002/08/10 :: Recent changes in CVS :: by Tilman

This is important, so I decided to put it on the front page ;)
The code in CVS now uses giFT's new interface protocol, which isn't in use in the main branch of giFT yet. That means, you'll have to get the "dev-0_10_0-interface2-branch" branch of giFT. More info on the download page.
2002/07/15 :: New CVS-version :) :: by McG.linux

Ok.. don't think we'll allways have it in the news when there is a new version in CVS, but this time we have to make clear some things.
1) Please update giFT at least two days a week, since giFT is in heavy development, too.
2) The development-page will contain the changelog of every version. For the moment (since there are no stable releases yet) we'll inform you about the development. But we won't do that every day! Here, too, this will happen about two times a week.
2002/07/14 :: The page in it's new design :) :: by McG.linux

Time has come! The new layout is online. Both, the HTML and the CSS are validated and the page should be best viewed with any browser (well.. ok.. with any browser that has image-suport :) ).
If you are experiencing problems, mail to McG.linux
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